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Sorry Folks, Carte Blanche Racist Remarks No More.

Sorry Folks, Carte Blanche Racist Remarks No More.

Hatred and racism can change your life in an internet flash! Example below. LOL. And deservedly so. Even with all the divisiveness spewing from 1600 Penn through the law offices of Manhattan, down to the streets of Charlottesville and deeper down to the red dirty roads of Georgia, prejudice, hate and fear-mongering are being called out, as they should be. Just because the person holding the highest office in the land can’t condemn the KKK doesn’t give any of you carte blanche unload your internalized hate towards anyone. Do me a favor, read a book on true American history or let the hatred and ignorance remain within u till u rot away. God bless. TGIF. Sincerely yours, #citizen

NY Lawyer Kicked Out Of Office Space, Congressman Files Complaint Following Racist Rant



Runaway train USA

We truly need to take control of Congress next Nov, and get him out of office, if he doesn’t resign first. Right now, America is a runaway train headed toward wall stamped  E = mc2 and the ground will be strewn with young Black, Brown and poor White bodies as if on foreign lands, whilst the children of the train’s conductors, play beer pong in Ivy league frats and/or walk around proudly with their doctors notices for bone spurs! #notmypresident

On the same shit: Fear, hatred, ignorance, religious fanatics

The undoing of America has commenced.

It went into effect Jan 20th 2017.

This undoing thanks to




Religious fanaticism

Has been Initialized

Out of DC and Mar-a-largo

Spread throughout the land

By Fox and fake news

AM radio Alta-right zealots

Fake book apps and personas.

Those with somewhat of a conscious that gave into the allure of someone who had his pulse on the above emotionally  vulnerable

Are sitting around on front-porches

Accented by flag poles

Adorned in Chinese made Betsy Ross fashion

Waving in the wind

Looking out to the centermost of the enameled plain

Debating themselves

Not their political adversaries.

Don’t get me wrong

There are city-slickers

Sitting around in Starbucks

Sipping lattes and shit


On the same shit.



Steal us. Till we’re crazy



Steal us.

Deal us

like a commodity

Wall St.

built on our physical energy

for free

Free us

but only physically

Once we become mentally


Kill us in the streets


drag us through the mud

till we’re crazy!!!

Libya selling Africans into slavery

As we approach the year 2018, I am in disbelief and horrified that evilness of enslaving Black women and men still exists!. As we sit by with death ear and blind eye and twitter finger at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, tweeting our concerns out to the world at 4 am pissed off because someone’s father didn’t say thanks for supposedly assisting rescuing his son from the land where one gets his steel to build in the Vegas desert. Where is the outrage about this current situation of Libya selling people?

Haitians in America

History will not be kind to _rump. I wondering what fkd up things the Haitians refugees have done to add to the problems this country faces? Beside pay taxes for the last 19 years, contributing to the economy and raising their children? Some who have never seen the land of Haiti. Furthermore, Haiti will be infinity penalized for what occurred in 1803 which began years earlier, when this small island of Black people, beat the French and sent them packing back to France. And then screamed to the world that all people deserve freedom and democracy and come to Haiti if u need to flee oppression and enslavement.23735947_10159601662155414_2612456640032774175_o


I HATE to see innocent kids and adults die due to senseless gun violence. However get used to this. These weekly, sometimes daily shootings, are the new norm. This is America! The “Land of Milk and Honey” that we now call America was conquered by the gun by eradicating the American Indians and built by enslaved people from Africa under the gun. So guns are nothing new. And long as greed for gun sales exist and the sale of semi auto weapons exist and no restrictions on who can purchase a gun and ammo ( aka 5150 muthrfuckers!!) these heinous acts of pure evil will continue until it takes one of your loved ones.In closing, I believe in the right to bear arms, it is the constitutional right of all law abiding citizens, but we have to somehow stem the flow of innocent blood in the hallways of American schools, in the cubicles of office buildings, in the pews of sacred places of worship and in the streets of America’s cities and towns. God bless the fallen innocent and may God bring God’s wrath upon the evil and wretched. Sincerely yours, artikleblak

Canopy of Blackness

We post Middle Passage, post slavery, post Jim Crow, post assassin 60’s Black folks,

Float through this world on a canopy of comfort and selfishness, infused with materialism and

Keepingupwiththejonesesism.   Some knowingly, others in ignorance.


A canopy weakly perched above the sacrifices of our ancestors.

Their dignity, their languages, their blood, their names, their freedom, their culture, killed off!

Doing what they had to do, whether it was “steppin and fitchin” or rising up in revolt.

Envisioning a tomorrow where their legacy could live not enslaved, yet free.

And free we are today!

Although we are not living up to our responsibility to make SURE those whose bloody footprints we traipse in, didn’t sacrifice and die in vain.

Fortify the canopy!







Coretta Scott King Letter | BHM Day 8

Mitch McConnell and his cronies should be ashamed of themselves.

You can silence the messenger, but you can’t KILL the truth!!!!

To make Senator Warren take a sit for simply referencing a letter about

_essions that Coretta Scott King wrote. He did it because he knows the truth hurts.

What is ironic, now millions of Americans, of all political parties are going to

read the letter. My hope is 11/2018 will cleanse the DC rotundra of the blanched

ones that are doing whatever they can to save the demographically dying status

quo.#BHM Happy Black History Month. 🙂 & Shout out to all the WOMEN of

the United States and the World. #Youdeserveitall Equal pay, for equal work!!!!

Augusta Savage | Black Sculptor Day 3 BHM

Augusta Savage was born in 1892 in Florida.

She moved to New York and attended Cooper Union, then moved to Harlem.

She became a sculptor and created a monumental piece called the Harp for the 1937 World’s Fair in New York. The Harp was inspired by “Lift every voice and sing.” The Black national anthem.


Read more about Augusta Savage at


The Harp New York Public Library


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