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OU’s SAE racist rant | artikleblak’s thoughts

They are the sons and daughters of those wicked ignorant lazy white bastards who enslaved, killed and hung our Black ancestors. U think that shit died with them? Think again. America is sick with the virus of racism. It breeds, to this very day, in the evil souls and black hearts of the legacy shown in the video link below on ¬†America’s prosperity and economic engine were born out of the crack of the white man’s whip on the Black man’s back. The facade is slowly eroding away and the heirs of that pernicious vanguard are feeling threatened. They are spinning on their heads due to the fact that there is a Black President and a Black First Family. And on top of that, by the year 2050, white folks will be the minority.

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Racist frat boys of SAE OU

In the words of Public Enemy ‘ Fear of the a Black planet’,

“Man you need to calm down, don’t get mad
I don’t need your sistah
(But supposin’ she said she loved me)
Would you still love her
Or would you dismiss her
What is pure? Who is pure?
Is it European I ain’t sure
If the whole world was to come
Through peace and love
Then what would we be made of?”

Their power in government and the private sector is slowly dissipating. They are losing the institutions and economic reins their forefathers established centuries ago by enslaving Black people and killing off Native Americans.  The status quo, as we know it, is becoming no more.

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