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Can Chester M. Hanks aka Chet Haze use the n-word

“We have also reached a point where the word can no longer have a negative connotation if we so choose.”  Chester M. Hanks aka #chethaze.

Photo credit - Getty images - Mark Davis

No you can’t use the n-word Chet Hanks

First of all, “If we choose.”?

How in the fkn world do u think u are included in the “We” when it comes to this word????

Like it or not, the n- word is a byproduct of the foul, wicked, disgusting, evil and inhumane treatment and enslavement of an entire people by white people, whom u are directly or indirectly connected too. Yet connected too none the less.

So for you to cite “Rap culture”  and your constitutional right to give you the authority to use it are both ignorant and disrespectful to the culture itself.

Did you have a sit down with Afrika Bambaataa to discuss this?

Why would you think everyone in Hip Hop uses the n-word?  You are definitely  miseducated in the culture and need to study Hip Hop 101.  Give KRS-One a call.

We are THE people who have and continue to struggle with the use of this word among ourselves.

That is how evil this byproduct of evil white people is.

Some of us have taken this disgusting word and have tried to flip it, yet when spoken, it still stings our hearts and minds, just not our backs  like back when the  word was screamed at our ancestors before the crack of the whip hit their bare backs or before the ugly foul smelling white devils mounted our maternal legacy and whispered “U r gonna like this ni##er bit#!”, then proceeded to rape her.

So no! You don’t have the right to use the n-word, since your ancestors stole OUR freedom, the 1st amendment (freedom of speech) argument is abrogated.

Sincerely yours,



KRS-One interview on mainstream and real men

KRS-One interview on mainstream and real men.

This is an amazing interview, with KRS-One, about real men and mainstream hip hop.

KRS-One must be one of the most intelligent individually I have heard speak and when it comes to hip hop, he

is def the gate keeper of our culture.

Today’s mainstream hip hop is childish with no backbone.

Everything that came out of the Civil Rights Movement that made hip hop what it is can be found nowhere

in all of today’s mainstream hip slop and hip pop bullshit, a sphere where little boys and girls play, driving

expensive whips, rocking the hottest designers and bling encrusted chains around their necks, the Fox channel

series ‘ Empire’ on steroids.

Listen to what the amazingly talented KRS-One has to say about mainstream  hip hop and real men.



New Fresh Liberian Director | Stonz | Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers, a docu-series

New Fresh Liberian Director | Stonz.

Keep this director on your TV screens, film screens and mobile devices.

Talented and committed.



Nicki Minaj- A letter from artikleblak- Malcolm X artwork controversy

Nicki Minaj,

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening. 🙂

Like millions across the planet, I have been a fan of you, your story, your talent as a songwriter, musician and rapper for a few years now. 🙂

I have two topics to write you about.

Malcolm X and Hip Hop.

Nicki Minaj controverse single artwork Malcolm X

A letter to Nicki Minaj . Photo credit- Muslim academy

Malcolm X was a man whom without, Hip Hop, as we know it, might not have been born.

Malcolm X is a world icon and Hip Hop is the music listened to around the globe.

I don’t I have to educate you on Malcolm X and/or the power of hip hop and how it influences on our youth everywhere because I know u already know.:)

With all due respect, I have to say your latest album cover or single cover threw me for a loop.

I am not sure who was in charge of the artwork and do not care because it was overly disrespectful to Malcolm X and his legacy.

A man who gave his life, the ultimate sacrifice, simply because he LOVED HIS PEOPLE.

I am not for certain if the following words are actually from your social media site?

“It is in no way to undermine his efforts and legacy.”

If they are, well you did undermine his efforts and legacy.

You did so by placing upon one of Malcolm’s most iconic images a caption that to many is hurtful and self disparaging. Simply isn’t good because the facts are; the youth are listenin’, the youth are watchin’ and they are highly highly influenced by what they see and hear.

I am talking on a global level and Hip Hop has power!

From the Jamaica Queens to the favela streets of Beetham  Estate Gardens formerly known as “Rat town”, a stone’s throw from your own St.James in Port of Spain to the shantytowns of Ghana and the townships of South Africa!  People are tuning in. Black people are listening. Yes Onika Tanya Maraj, your words and lyrics have POWER!

Young girls and boys, some very very poor, who look like you and I are looking for hope and inspiration and truly believe in a lot of the lyrics they hear and images that they see.  Some probably think the words “nigga” and “bitch” are the coolest shit since Coke-A-Cola!

Instead of making headlines about negativity, let’s make headlines how Hip Hop was responsible for making the world a better place to live.

You can do this. Hip Hop can change the world.


Yours truly,



Nicki took to Instagram today to respond, and cleared up a central confusion of the image, suggesting that the title referenced the people outside his window, not the slain Civil Rights leader himself:

What seems to be the issue now? Do you have a problem with me referring to the people Malcolm X was ready to pull his gun out on as Lookin Ass Niggaz? Well, I apologize. That was never the official artwork nor is this an official single. This is a conversation. Not a single. I am in the video shooting at Lookin Ass Niggaz and there happened to be an iconic photo of Malcolm X ready to do the same thing for what he believed in!!!! It is in no way to undermine his efforts and legacy. I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued. The word “nigga” causes so much debate in our community while the “nigga” behavior gets praised and worship. Let’s not. Apologies again to his family. I have nothing but respect an adoration for u. The photo was removed hours ago. Thank you

Arsenio Hall Responds to Kanye West’s rant at a Grammy event.

Arsenio Hall Responds to Kanye West’s rant at a Grammy event.

See more at: http://www.radiofacts.com/arsenio-hall-responds-kanye-west-bringing-name-rant/#sthash.DRAETzC4.dpuf

Halle Berry to executive produce Hannibal Miniseries for the History Channel

Halle Berry to executive produce Hannibal Miniseries for the History Channel.
Halle Berry has beaten Vin Diesel to the Hannibal punch.

Photo credit: foxnews

The History Channel airing Hannibal miniseries. Executive Producer Halle Barry

Halle Berry will be executive producing a Hannibal Barca miniseries for the History Channel.

Hannibal was one of the greatest generals the world has ever known.

Photo credit: annoyzview.files.wordpress.com

The elephants of Hannibal Barca

A great African general whose war strategies are practiced today and taught at West Point.

Congrats Halle Berrry. Can’t wait!

For on this story at Blogs.indiewire.com

Is Kanye ranting or kicking knowledge at Barclays Arena BK?

Is Kanye ranting or kicking knowledge at Barclays Arena BK???



What will Jay Z do about the Barneys and Trayvon Christian incident?

Barneys NYC photocredit: csmonitor.com

Will Jay Z cancel his high end clothing line with Barneys over Trayvon Christian incident?


What will Jay Z do about the Barneys and Trayvon Christian incident?

artikleblak will be keeping a close post on this unfortunately occurrence.

Considering Jay Z really could do without the extra income of a high end clothing line collabo with Barneys his decision will be epic!

Stay tuned.

Read details on Revolt.tv.


Nipsey Hussle CD release Crenshaw make $100K

Nispey Hussle JayZ buys 100 CDS

$100 K in CD sales of Crenshaw CD, Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle racks $100 k off Crenshaw CD. JayZ buys 100 CDS.

“We’re living in a new era where, for example, I don’t got cable T.V. I watch the Internet. The majority of my content come from on-demand outlets [like] YouTube, Netflix—this is where I go to get my thing—or the blogs. So, what that creates is what they call a global underground,” explained Nipsey.

artikleblak couldn’t have said it any more simple or better.

Entertainment outlets have changed. The “Global Underground” is here to say.

More and more folks are dumping cable tv, in essence, cutting the middleman out, which Nipsey Hussle talks about.

Today’s artists can now go directly to their audience on a global scale and reap most of the monetary rewards.

artikle congratulates Nipsey Hussle on some hot music and a forward thinking mind.

Times have changed. Thus leaving the middleman with little change.

Stay cliked in, for some music reviews soon.



See more at: http://news.revolt.tv/nipsey-hussle-crenshaw-crenshaw-jay-z/#sthash.sARGvW27.dpuf

– See more at: http://news.revolt.tv/nipsey-hussle-crenshaw-crenshaw-jay-z/#sthash.sARGvW27.dpuf

Russell Simmons Apologizes for Harriet Tubman Sex Tape

Russell Simmons Apologizes for ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’.

A fictional parody sex tape of Harriet Tubman made it to Russell Simmon’s Youtube channel called All Def Digital.

artikleblak chose NOT to watch the racially and sexually charged, fowl, supposed to be funny, parody of one the matriarch’s of America’s call to freedom, Harriet Tubman or to add a link on artikle’s blog!

Russell Simmons issued a swift apology through his GlobalGrind.com website after the NAACP called.
The social media response was fast and furious too, from Twitter to a Change.org petition.

Harriet Tubman tasteless sex tape parody

Russell Simmons apologies and drops Harriet Tubman sextape from All Def Digital Photo credit: ADD

According to the TheRoot.com:

During the “reenactment,” Tubman seduces her master, telling him, “All these years I’ve been acting like I didn’t enjoy our special time together.” The pair then engages in a sex act that culminates with Harriet’s master confessing his love for her, while she brushes him off, saying, “Look n*gga, I don’t give a damn about who you love.”

*long heavy sigh*

I’m not even sure where to begin.

Downplaying the very real rapes and abuse Black women endured during slave[r]y? Check.

Clutch Magazine also reported: That in “ADD History: Harriet Tubman Sex Tape,” comedians joke about how Tubman used sex to blackmail “her master into letting her run the Underground Railroad!”

In the mind of artikleblak, Harriet Tubman is one of those iconic figures who’s life needs to be shown more in a positive light, since there is so little of her taught in schools today.

A fictional account like this could have a lasting negative impact on her sacrifices and contributions to American history. ESPECIALLY IF SEEN BY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT HARRIET TUBMAN, MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE YOUTH.

Somethings just aren’t funny.

artikle still luvs Uncle Rush!




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