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Wishing Malcolm X a very Blessed and Happy Birthday. Through main stream media, be it, broadcast news, cable news or US news papers, u would think Malcolm X never existed. I have never seen an article about his birthday, never! He was a man who sacrificed his life to uplift Black folks and made all Americans think, regardless of their take on race in America. He was ever involving, and upon his return from Mecca, said he had no plans on changing his name to el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz because he felt his people were still being oppressed, even if he wasn’t personally.



I suggest everyone read the Autobiography of Malcolm X. Get a glimpse of who he really was, rather than how, in the past, the media portrayed him.




“Let it be known, the history we were taught is slowly eroding away by the wave of clandestine authenticity.”  artikleblak16


About artikleblak

Artikleblak is a panoramic color-consciousness of digital media connecting the African Diaspora throughout the world. This world is a massive environment and our images and stories and concerns are spread to sparingly throughout the planet and digital terra. People of color comprise 4/5th of the world's population. Yet we have to Google search and channel surf and scour the event calendars to find ourselves, whether it be a person, place or thing. We should nevermore let oceans, languages, religions, cultures or man-made boundaries partition us. Our humanity is to powerful to remain fragmented, lets make it ONE again. Sincere thanks, Artikleblak



  1. He was our shining prince! He deserves the utmost respect. We need more Malcolm’s today more than ever!

    Posted by Kushite Prince | May 19, 2016, 6:50 PM

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