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Can Chester M. Hanks aka Chet Haze use the n-word

“We have also reached a point where the word can no longer have a negative connotation if we so choose.”  Chester M. Hanks aka #chethaze.

Photo credit - Getty images - Mark Davis

No you can’t use the n-word Chet Hanks

First of all, “If we choose.”?

How in the fkn world do u think u are included in the “We” when it comes to this word????

Like it or not, the n- word is a byproduct of the foul, wicked, disgusting, evil and inhumane treatment and enslavement of an entire people by white people, whom u are directly or indirectly connected too. Yet connected too none the less.

So for you to cite “Rap culture”  and your constitutional right to give you the authority to use it are both ignorant and disrespectful to the culture itself.

Did you have a sit down with Afrika Bambaataa to discuss this?

Why would you think everyone in Hip Hop uses the n-word?  You are definitely  miseducated in the culture and need to study Hip Hop 101.  Give KRS-One a call.

We are THE people who have and continue to struggle with the use of this word among ourselves.

That is how evil this byproduct of evil white people is.

Some of us have taken this disgusting word and have tried to flip it, yet when spoken, it still stings our hearts and minds, just not our backs  like back when the  word was screamed at our ancestors before the crack of the whip hit their bare backs or before the ugly foul smelling white devils mounted our maternal legacy and whispered “U r gonna like this ni##er bit#!”, then proceeded to rape her.

So no! You don’t have the right to use the n-word, since your ancestors stole OUR freedom, the 1st amendment (freedom of speech) argument is abrogated.

Sincerely yours,



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Artikleblak is a panoramic color-consciousness of digital media connecting the African Diaspora throughout the world. This world is a massive environment and our images and stories and concerns are spread to sparingly throughout the planet and digital terra. People of color comprise 4/5th of the world's population. Yet we have to Google search and channel surf and scour the event calendars to find ourselves, whether it be a person, place or thing. We should nevermore let oceans, languages, religions, cultures or man-made boundaries partition us. Our humanity is to powerful to remain fragmented, lets make it ONE again. Sincere thanks, Artikleblak


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