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Black Folks, We Must Do Better. Respect our ancestors sacrifice

Let our ancestors not have died in vain

Black folks wake up
Photo credit: thefieldnegro

We post Middle Passage, post slavery, post  Jim Crow, post assassin 60’s Black folks,

Float through this world on a canopy of comfort and selfishness,  infused with materialism and

“Keepingupwiththejonesesism”.  Some knowingly, others in ignorance.

A canopy weakly perched above the sacrifices of our ancestors.

Their dignity, their languages, their blood, their names, their freedom, their culture,  killed off!

Doing what they had to do, whether it was “steppin and fitchin” or rising up in revolt.

Envisioning a tomorrow where their legacy could life not enslaved, yet free.

And free we are today!

Yes we are and living it up.

However we are not living up to our responsibility to make SURE those whose bloodied footprints we traipse in, didn’t sacrifice and die in vain.

Fortify the canopy!






About artikleblak

Artikleblak is a panoramic color-consciousness of digital media connecting the African Diaspora throughout the world. This world is a massive environment and our images and stories and concerns are spread to sparingly throughout the planet and digital terra. People of color comprise 4/5th of the world's population. Yet we have to Google search and channel surf and scour the event calendars to find ourselves, whether it be a person, place or thing. We should nevermore let oceans, languages, religions, cultures or man-made boundaries partition us. Our humanity is to powerful to remain fragmented, lets make it ONE again. Sincere thanks, Artikleblak


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