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Nipsey Hussle CD release Crenshaw make $100K

Nispey Hussle JayZ buys 100 CDS

$100 K in CD sales of Crenshaw CD, Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle racks $100 k off Crenshaw CD. JayZ buys 100 CDS.

“We’re living in a new era where, for example, I don’t got cable T.V. I watch the Internet. The majority of my content come from on-demand outlets [like] YouTube, Netflix—this is where I go to get my thing—or the blogs. So, what that creates is what they call a global underground,” explained Nipsey.

artikleblak couldn’t have said it any more simple or better.

Entertainment outlets have changed. The “Global Underground” is here to say.

More and more folks are dumping cable tv, in essence, cutting the middleman out, which Nipsey Hussle talks about.

Today’s artists can now go directly to their audience on a global scale and reap most of the monetary rewards.

artikle congratulates Nipsey Hussle on some hot music and a forward thinking mind.

Times have changed. Thus leaving the middleman with little change.

Stay cliked in, for some music reviews soon.



See more at: http://news.revolt.tv/nipsey-hussle-crenshaw-crenshaw-jay-z/#sthash.sARGvW27.dpuf

– See more at: http://news.revolt.tv/nipsey-hussle-crenshaw-crenshaw-jay-z/#sthash.sARGvW27.dpuf


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