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A Nigerian Spring? Fuel Subsidies fuel the fire of protest and anger

A Nigerian Spring

Nigeria ends subsidies. Protests.

A Nigerian Spring? Fuel Subsidies fuel the fire of protest and anger. photo credit:

Could the Arab/ North African Spring be moving south across sub Sahara?

The goverment of Nigeria has ended fuel subsidies. The price of petrol has almost double in some areas of Nigerian. Many Nigerians live on less the $2 a day.

This cannot last. President Goodluck Jonathan MUST come up with some other way to save his goverment $$$!.

Why does Nigeria import fuel when it’s the world’s number 12 largest oil producer and world’s number 8 oil exporter?  In the words of Kanye West, “This shit cray!!!”

According to interview by Seun Kuti, Nigerian power plants are powered by generators, again, “This shit cray.”

And the short term solution is 1600 buses? Who got that goverment CONTRACT???

Refineries MUST be built or the President will run out of goodluck. Because once the people speak in unision, 160,000,000 voices, it’s a wrap!

A Nigerian Spring will ensue and a hot ass Nigerian summer will follow.

If the SAPs of the mid 70’s were never implemented Nigeria would be in a much different place today.

Nigeria and the rest of Africa need to stop suffering from post colonialism dementia and start implementing solutions which are African grown, from the root.






Seun Kuti story below


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