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Living in shadow of peace

Man peace sign with red white and blue: Patriot

We gotta stop living in the shadow of peace!

Is time to start living in peace instead in the shadow of peace. The world needs peace and harmony not war and death. We all are gonna leave here one day anyway why not reach there in peace?


About artikleblak

Artikleblak is a panoramic color-consciousness of digital media connecting the African Diaspora throughout the world. This world is a massive environment and our images and stories and concerns are spread to sparingly throughout the planet and digital terra. People of color comprise 4/5th of the world's population. Yet we have to Google search and channel surf and scour the event calendars to find ourselves, whether it be a person, place or thing. We should nevermore let oceans, languages, religions, cultures or man-made boundaries partition us. Our humanity is to powerful to remain fragmented, lets make it ONE again. Sincere thanks, Artikleblak


3 thoughts on “Living in shadow of peace

  1. I agree, but how do you achieve that when there is so much embedded hate? I was watching Juan Williams, et al on Fox News and the round table all but took out a noose as a symbol of how they felt about President Obama. I am working on being optimistic as my first response, but I don’t see this world taking a stance at peace. There is much fighting in the middle east, Africa and so many other places where the fight isn’t a gun toting war, but many other issues that create hate, hopelessness, and havoc. These things have to be on the battlefield, but whether there or not, they spill off the battlefield and reduce the quality of life for all. I think we’re all going to destroy each other and God will have to start over again. Those who come after us will be wiser and learn much from our mistakes but they will have their imperfections as well. Perhaps even much like the hate that has been passed down for generations in the US, there may be some that carries over to the next lives created and that’s where the imperfections will come. Well, there goes my optimism, but at least it was later in my opinion and not early on so I may be improving.

    Posted by tmrboss | October 14, 2011, 1:19 AM

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