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I am Troy Davis. Did Troy Davis die an innocent man by the Red 5?

Did Troy Davis die an innocent man?

I am Troy Davis. The Red 5 may have blood on their hands.

I am Troy Davis.  Did Troy Davis die an innocent man by the Red 5?

I am scared and disgusted by the justice system is GA and in the USA.

The GA Pardons and Parole board could have stopped the murder of Troy Davis to at least let the new evidence be heard.

If Troy Davis was innocent and the real killer steps forward, the Red 5 will have blood on their hands.
Vice Chairman Albert Murray, Member Robert E. Keller, Member L. Gale Buckner, Chairman James E. Donald and Member Terry Barnard

All five were appointed to the board by former Governor Sonny Perdue.

Do they have jobs waiting in Perdue’s LLC once they step down from their positions?

Only time will tell. And tell will also tell if Troy Davis was truly innocent.

After watching this play out on with Amy Goodman I think the Red 5 need to move their office off 2 MLK Jr Drive. What a disgrace to the fight MLK gave to civil rights and human rights.

Be strong Davis family. RIP Troy Davis.



I am Troy Davis


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