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Mehserle released after 11 months for GOOD BEHAVIOR. :(((((

Johannes Mehserle released after 11 months for GOOD BEHAVIOR. :(((((

The BART police officer who who KILLED  Oscar Grant was released from Los Angeles County jail after serving ONLY 11 months!

He was released on good behavior.

Michael Vic served 23 months for KILLINGS  dogs. What the world is going on with our justice system?

How can a man be sentenced 23 months (60 last days under house arrest) for killing dog and other man in  ONLY serves 11 months for KILLING another human being?????

Is a dog’s life more valuable then a man’s?

Does this run into the deep water of America’s past pertaining to the evil of racism?

I am not one to use the race card however this incenses me to my core.


Oscar Grant? May you rest in peace. And prayers to your family and friends.

And Mehserle? ___________________________________________________! I am simply at a lose of words.  Count your blessings and your shield and skin color because w/o ’em, you wouldn’t see the light of day.

B E Z  Oakland fam.


Best regards,


photo credit AP Cathleen Allison

Mehersle walks after serving 11 months


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