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GOP St. Paul, Republican Convention, Country first

GOP St. Paul, Republican Convention,Country First

Well the GOP in St.Paul so far has me tripping!
Country First, war war, terrorism, more war, war heros, patriots, apple pie and bullshit!
In 2004 these folks made war heros out to be zeros.
Hypocrites to the max.
And I think I only saw one Black face, besides the former NFL widereceiver Lynn Swann.
Are you kidding me? I guess Lynn is running for someĀ political office? Good luck.
Don’t get me wrong. But this fuking GOP party seemed like a modern day klan event.
I was almost suprised they were wavin flags and not burning crosses! lololol…
It just didn’t connect with me and don’t think it was intended to.
Barack. I think u need to do some talkin to Mr. Thompson.
The intro video was a prime example of the minds of these folks.
They hooted and hollared for Reagan and Bush I, however MLK and Rosa Parks didn’t get a peep of an applause.
Shit. They are sooooooooooooooo outta touch, some of them, that they may have been dazed and confused and thought to themselves, ” Who’s this kinda Black woman on a bus?”
My point is.
The GOP is not about the people, they are about their people.
Country first, my ass!!!!!
GOP last!!!!!!!!

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Artikleblak is a panoramic color-consciousness of digital media connecting the African Diaspora throughout the world. This world is a massive environment and our images and stories and concerns are spread to sparingly throughout the planet and digital terra. People of color comprise 4/5th of the world's population. Yet we have to Google search and channel surf and scour the event calendars to find ourselves, whether it be a person, place or thing. We should nevermore let oceans, languages, religions, cultures or man-made boundaries partition us. Our humanity is to powerful to remain fragmented, lets make it ONE again. Sincere thanks, Artikleblak


One thought on “GOP St. Paul, Republican Convention, Country first

  1. fuck u all u red necks

    Posted by shaq | November 5, 2008, 1:14 AM

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