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Does the NBA really care? The NBA cares??????

NBA| Does the NBA really care?

Check out this following article from a company called Countdown Apparel

If you’ve ever heard and believed the National Basketball Association slogan, “NBA Cares,” it’s time to think again. Today, ask yourself this: “Exactly what does the NBA care about?”

It certainly isn’t the National Basketball Retired Players Association, a collection of more than 700 men upon whose backs the league built itself into a multi-billion dollar empire. If this statement makes you curious, here’s a few facts:

Did you know the NBA only gives the NBRPA a grand total of $1 million dollars annually in assistance?

Now, subtract from that million dollars about $250,000 for the NBRPA’s staff, plus nearly $7,000 each month to rent and maintain a New York office.

Subtract the cost of an annual reunion for the retired stars.

Subtract $75,000 for educational scholarships the foundation bequeaths annually to former players and their families.

Subtract payments doled out to players of yesteryear in medical hardship situations.

Now, what do you have? Nothing.

Countdown Apparel contacted the NBA before the start of the Finals with an offer to create products that would give the NBA a new revenue stream that could potentially provide millions of dollars for their retired players. While it is understandable that such decisions take time, what is unacceptable is the fact there was no answer at all.



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One thought on “Does the NBA really care? The NBA cares??????

  1. Hi Artikleblak,

    Hope you are well. This is Grace Kim from Countdown Apparel. We greatly appreciate your helping spread the word about us and our mission- helping people because EVERYBODY COUNTS.

    We are only getting started and I’d love to keep you and your readers updated as there will be further developments very soon.

    If you are interested in playing a role in mobilizing people for change, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks,

    Posted by Grace Kim | June 9, 2008, 11:56 PM

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