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Black Queen of Queens, Cicely Tyson Tribute by Artikle Blak







If humanity was to be spun by a potter’s  lathe

You would be her or his vision in which their feet worked the pedal while hands worked the clay.

Much like that of the  ancient Egytian God Chum.

Every single Black female actor IS  indebted to you

Whether it’s  stages their call “line” from and sets they come to life on when ACTION is called

Or  The Red carpets  which they elegantly grace

Or the golden statuettes their hands clutch upon being recognized for their craft.

Without you Queen, would not be.

Little Awkward Black Girls 

Whose Grandmothers used to look up to you when they were little girls

Now grown

Prance  successfully in your footsteps

No longer INSECURE.

You are Black Royalty

You are an American icon

One whom the world shall never forget

Now in the Heavens, you are one of it’s  very rare HyperGIANT stars

Shining  luminously  upon all others stars  and Earth itself.

Rest well Black Queen of Queens.

Rest well.

Artikle Blak  2021

Created by artikle


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