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Sorry Folks, Carte Blanche Racist Remarks No More.

Sorry Folks, Carte Blanche Racist Remarks No More.

Hatred and racism can change your life in an internet flash! Example below. LOL. And deservedly so. Even with all the divisiveness spewing from 1600 Penn through the law offices of Manhattan, down to the streets of Charlottesville and deeper down to the red dirty roads of Georgia, prejudice, hate and fear-mongering are being called out, as they should be. Just because the person holding the highest office in the land can’t condemn the KKK doesn’t give any of you carte blanche unload your internalized hate towards anyone. Do me a favor, read a book on true American history or let the hatred and ignorance remain within u till u rot away. God bless. TGIF. Sincerely yours, #citizen

NY Lawyer Kicked Out Of Office Space, Congressman Files Complaint Following Racist Rant


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